Pastors Dean and Patti Love

Dean is the spiritual father and apostle of many churches. He pastors a growing, multi-racial, non-denominational church in Columbia, Louisiana with his wife Patti. He has an apostolic anointing to change regions for the glory of God. He is founder and president of Bridge Builders Ministers Alliance, BBMA, in  Columbia. It is a group of local pastors, from all different denominations, coming together to bring unity to their parish despite their differences.  Dean is an international speaker and author. He has a passion for the Kingdom of Heaven to be manifested for all to see. To God be the Glory!



Covenant Christian Worship Center

1 Corinthians 12:12-31 teaches us that it is the diversity of the body that causes the body to function properly, for it all were an eye where would the hearing be? This is the principle that we build upon here. We believe our deversities are our greatest assets as well as our strengths. We believe our diversity leads to a greater level of success and productivity. We have become allies instead of enemies and with this we believe God is well pleased! We believe Galations 3:28 - - that all Christians, regardless of color or creed, are one in Christ Jesus.